Every Penny Counts
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Wells Fargo

We are grateful to
Wells Fargo for
over 16 years of

In 1995, the Every Penny Counts campaign reached a new audience: school children from around the Bay Area.

Each school year, Bay Area schools compete to raise the most change in jars in their classrooms. The campaign culminates each year in March with Every Penny Counts Day when AIDS Emergency Fund and Wells Fargo Bank, School Campaign Sponsor since 1997, honor three schools: one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. In addition to helping people who are battling AIDS pay their rent and medical bills, students learn about the financial struggles faced by people fighting AIDS. Students also learn that they can make a difference, as individuals or as a group, in their communities.

If your school would like to participate or if you would like us to send you an Every Penny Counts School Campaign packet, feel free to contact us. Please call us at (415) 558-6999, ext. 232 with any questions you may have.


2014 Every Penny Counts School Campaign Participating Schools

Special thanks to the following schools that participated in the
2014 campaign:


2014 Total

Grand Total

Abraham Lincoln High School



Alice Fong Yu Elementary School



Alvarado Elementary School



Archbishop Riordan High School



Francis Scott Key Elementary School



Gateway Middle School



James Lick Middle School



Jefferson High School



Marshall Elementary School



Potrero Kids at Daniel Webster



Potrero Kids 3



Presidio Middle School



Ralston Middle School



San Francisco Waldorf High School



Sequoia High School



Sheridan Elementary School



Tenderloin Community School